Brand Overview

    “Art character, culture temperature” had become the name card of Picasso brand. The products has got good publicity and reputation, it has over thousand stores、shopping mall counters、bookstore counter; We had do OEM products for some famous institution.


    Not Seeking But Searching

    Video Center


    Video Center

    The boundary between art and life seems tangible and invisible We pursue the essence of art in life Writing becomes an ultimate enjoyment in every stroke and every recession Picasso pen, artistic life, artistic life


    Product Display

    Making by using the design the carftman’s heart and exquisite craft
    Concentrate Picasso’s essence of over decade
    Personalization Design
    Diversify Color
    Art Products
    Make art to life as it’s conception
    Inherit the beauty of the art, write the cultural temperature


    Fine Craftsmanship Made

    A piece of cooper evolution
    Developing on credibility

    Pen barrel use copper material, suitable weight, just perfect hardness, making by use over ten steps like rolling mill , molding, grit blast, polishing, hand paint act, demanding every detail.

    One nib’s anneal
    Do not forget original intention

    We insist on good writing and smoothly experience as it’s quality core. The nib use 316 stainless material import from Germany, test many times, grinding precisely to make sure it can have excellent writing experience.